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Safer Space Policy

At Sakura Arts Collective we strive to provide all community members with a welcoming, safe, positive, harassment-free experience. Our community is composed of people of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, religions and spiritualities, ages, body shapes, socio-economic statuses, and immigrant statuses. Harassment and inappropriate behavior of any type will not be permitted. Furthermore, we are committed to creating an environment of inclusivity and accountability amongst all community members. 

In creating safer spaces, we recognize our responsibility in care taking and developing the individuals in our community. We desire to create a culture of using inclusive language practices, providing constructive feedback and encouragement, maintaining healthy minds and bodies, teaching best practices for movement within our community, fostering open communication, and making sure everyone feels safe and respected.

The maintenance of our physical space is equally vital. We commit to providing a clean dance environment by regularly sanitizing, deep cleaning, and following all national, Hawaii state, and local health standards. We will provide hand sanitizer and access to hand washing for all participants and maintain socially distant spaces when available.

As described in our core values, our purpose is to promote personal evolution and fun experiences through our training, practice & social engagement opportunities. 

All community members will be expected to uphold the following Code of Conduct. As leaders in the industry, we commit to educating community members around the Code of Conduct and our expectations surrounding appropriate behavior.

Physical Touch

  • Consent
    • All participants will receive explicit, affirmative, ongoing, enthusiastic consent prior to initiating any interaction including dances, dips and tricks, hugs, kisses, and more intimate relationships. 
    • Participants will respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. 
    • Consent cannot be given if someone is incapacitated, unconscious, or coerced. 
    • If someone says “stop” or withdraws consent, comply by ending the interaction immediately.
  • Unwanted Touch
    • Participants will not engage in inappropriate or unwanted touch. This includes behaviors related to sexual misconduct, assault, and harassment. 
  • Unintentional Touch
    • We recognize that an accidental touch may occur both on and off the studio floor. Participants will immediately apologize for unintentional touch such as stepping on feet, collisions, touch to breast/gluteal/genital areas, etc.
    • If you unintentionally cross someone’s boundary, recognize the impact of your behavior on that person and remain open to hearing feedback. 
    • If someone unintentionally crosses your boundary, we encourage you to courageously inform them by stating your needs.  

Public Health

  • Hygiene
    • We will show respect for ourselves and other participants by practicing good hygiene. This includes using deodorant, monitoring body odor, bringing a sweat towel or additional clean clothing to prevent transferring body sweat onto other dancers, brushing teeth and using mints or gum as needed, minimal use of body sprays and perfumes to respect those who have sensitivity to sprays, etc.
    • We encourage everyone to be open to hearing and incorporating feedback about hygiene issues we may not notice about ourselves.
  • COVID-19 & Other Illness
    • Participants who feel unwell or exhibit symptoms will stay at home. Those who have a body temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be allowed to participate and asked to leave. Proper wearing of face masks will be required for the duration of the event.
    • We encourage participants to follow public health guidelines for all national, Hawaii state, and local requirements.
    • We encourage all participants to practice regular hand washing and sanitizing upon arrival, between dances, and departure.

Dance Etiquette

  • Dance Feedback
    • Participants will refrain from giving feedback in a social environment unless explicitly asked to provide it or an action/movement is unsafe or harmful.
    • At no point are you obligated to provide feedback if it is requested of you.
    • When receiving unsolicited feedback, we will be considerate and thoughtful in responding. If a participant informs you that a movement is uncomfortable, unsafe, or harmful, the movement must be stopped immediately and adjusted.
  • Lifts and Floorcraft
    • In order to protect oneself, the dance partner, and the other participants on the dance floor, proper floorcraft will be practiced regardless of dance role. This includes being alert, consciousness of space, observing others behaviors and use of space, potential social distancing.
    • Lifts will only be executed on the social dance floor with explicit consent and checking for a safe environment. With explicit consent, lifts may be executed during classes, workshops, performances, and demos.
  • Accidental Touch
    • As previously stated, we recognize that unintentional and accidental touch may occur both on the dance floor. Participants will immediately apologize for unintentional touch such as stepping on feet, collisions, touch to breast/gluteal/genital areas, etc.
  • Explicit Sexuality
    • While dancing can be sexy, participants will respect the other participants and the dance floor by refraining from explicit sexuality. The only appropriate environment for such behavior is where all participants can consent.
    • Other public displays of affection should be consensual, conscientious, and respectful.

Studio/Event Space/Venue

  • Guests of Location
    • Participants recognize they are guests of the event space and of the instructors’ during classes. As such, participants will ask permission to use equipment, treat the space and equipment will care, and help maintain a tidy environment.
    • Misuse or damage to property by guests may result in financial compensation.
    • Participants recognize that they represent the dance community at large when a guest of a location and will conduct themselves as such. 
  • Beverages
    • Consumption of alcohol is not allowed on studio.
    • Water and other beverages will be kept in the designated area. Drinks should not be brought onto the dance floor at any time.

Human Rights & Community Inclusion

  • Dance Roles
    • We will embrace individual’s freedom to dance in any role they choose, regardless of historical gender expectations. We celebrate “ambi” dance culture and switch dancing and recognize that it is a choice that not all people prefer to make.
  • Welcoming New Participants
    • We will work to maintain a welcoming community by making everyone feel included, especially newcomers. 
    • Enjoying your friend group is great! We also recognize how cliques and social exclusion are toxic to maintaining a welcoming environment. 
  • Self-Awareness
    • Participants will practice self-awareness to be cognizant of their words, actions, behavior, and emotions. We recognize how our words, actions, behaviors, and emotions affect others.
    • We will check ourselves before checking others.
    • We encourage everyone to be receptive to feedback about things we may not know about ourselves. Participants will be gracious when sharing this type of constructive feedback with others.
  • Anti-Racism
    • Participants will practice anti-racism by speaking up when racist behaviors or microaggressions are observed. This will be practiced by using appropriate communication, bystander intervention techniques, or alerting a safe space team member.
  • Gender Pronouns
    • We will respect other participants by using their gender pronouns and not making assumptions about someone’s gender identity. 
    • If we unintentionally misgender someone, we will apologize and correct ourselves immediately. If someone else misgenders another, we will correct them by stating the appropriate pronoun.
  • Solicitation
    • In creating an equitable and respectful environment, solicitation (unless pre-approved) is discouraged. This includes solicitation for other dance companies or events, personal events, personal agendas, intimate relationships, etc. 

At Sakura Arts Collective we understand that not all participants will uphold the Code of Conduct at all times. As a community, we strive to treat each other with respect and hold each other accountable. We encourage individuals to manage issues when they arise and inform us of any inappropriate behavior. The Sakura Arts Collective reserves the right to address misconduct in a manner appropriate to the extent of the misconduct in a variety of way ranging from having a conversation and setting clear expectations of behavior to permanent ban from all future Sakura Arts Collective activities. 

Participants who experience or observe inappropriate behavior may submit a report in the following ways: 


1+ 808 800 7951 or email

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