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June Art Jam! Live Music, Dance & Art for YoU!

June 5, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Sakura Arts Collective brings you a SauCy, LiT, DeLiciouS & CoLLaboRatiVe Art JaM to launch the summer in style. Live music & dance 4 u.

AloHa E!

So here we GoOoOOOoO!!

7-8pm: Yoga with Danny Wu

Students will go through Sun Salutations, seated positions, backbends, inversions, arm balances, and finishing sequences with vigorous energy focused on the Ujjayi (victory) breath.

8-9pm: Contemporary Dance with Chloe Bee & LiVe music collaboration with Omar Sungar

Dunno if you missed it, but we throw down! Chloe Bee leads a deep warm up into a sensory class with strengthening and flexibility exercises that focus on building a strong core and foundational contemporary dance technique. From improvisation, drills, and choreography, students will build their movement toolkits and experiment with a broad kinesthetic scope of body awareness. This ambiguously named style of dance draws from jazz, urban forms, contact improv, and modern…push boundaries to generate an able body. Let’s Go!

9pm: Live Music set with Omar Sungar

Born in Oakland, Raised in Philly and thriving in Honolulu for a hot minute, Omar Sungar is a vital musician with precocious behaviors on guitar, bass, drums, rapping, singing and producing hip hop tracks. He performs throughout O’ahu & has music available for your pleasure on Spotify, Youtube & Soundclound.

10pm — After: Freestyle Cypher into open sesh facilitated by Danny Wu

..explore rhythm, groove, patterns, musicality, and shapes within various types of music. Students will also learn how to communicate and exchange movement in an immersive setting called the cypher.

after Cypher:

LatE niGht LIT a$$ clothing SwAp!!!!! 10:30pm–??????

Bring any tired clothes, things that are taking up space, or items that you would rather see a friend wearing and let’s ExChanGe! after the cypher, we’ll put all the things in a pile of fun and go thru with joy and silliness. Perhaps a spontaneous fashion show can emerge while fresh tunes are bumping. anything is possible. whatever doesn’t get taken, we can fold up and put along river street for donation to the nearby houseless community.

There will be a live painter, and live vending of herbal potions, aphrodisiacs, lucid dream blends, and healthy medicines by Rainbow Bliss Botanicals.

Come boogie.


Sakura Arts Collective
184 North King Street, #201
Honolulu, HI 96817 United States